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August 25 2017

Stanford University, Silicon Valley High tour MakatiMed

Thirty delegates from Stanford University and Silicon Valley High School visited Makati Medical Center on June 16 for a tour of various hospital units and a meeting with management to revive the MakatiMed-Stanford Teleconference project.

The group, headed by Julieta Gabiola, MD, Clinical Associate Professor of Medicine at Stanford University, was composed of doctors and faculty members of Stanford University, students of the Silicon Valley High School, and members of the Stanford Digital MEDIC (Medical Education International Collaborative) team.

The teleconferences between MakatiMed and Stanford began in 1997, with the last session held in 2015.

Following discussion of the project’s revival, Stanford also introduced their digital MEDIC project, which aims to increase access to medical education through an online learning platform.

“We’re looking at possibly implementing two learning management systems, one for students in formal medical schools or institutions and one for learners who are not a part of a formal program,” shared Gretchen Picache, strategic director for the Philippines of Digital MEDIC.

The group visited high-patient-census departments and centers, including the Emergency Department, NeuroSciences Center, and Radiology.


Thirty delegates from Stanford University and Silicon Valley High School visit Makati Medical Center


Johnny B. Sinon, MD, Medical Director, answers a question from the delegates.