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June 13 2019

SOD breaks the norms to achieve Positive Patient Experience

By: Chris Anne B. Ragasa, Human Resources Management & Development Division

The Service Operations team train to enhance patient interaction skills.

Service Operations Division (SOD) once again collaborated with the Human Resources Management & Development Division (HRMDD) Training again to enable and empower the workforce by discovering ways on how they can improve their patient interaction skills. “Breaking the Norms: Transitioning from Patient Satisfaction to Positive Patient Experience”, held on March 22 and 29 at the HR Training Room, Tower 3, aimed to establish the importance of delivering a positive patient experience among its healthcare providers and support groups to achieve the highest degree of quality in healthcare.

The Service Operations team headed by Marielle M. Rubio (Service Operations Head), Thumbelina O. Tan, RN (Department Manager for Out-patient Services) and Reynaldo J. Lim (Out-patient Services Head – Cluster 1 Pathology & Laboratory and concurrent Department Manager for Operations Support), shared their time to emphasize the value of positive patient experience and encourage the participants to apply it in their work.

In one of the activities, participants learned the difference between patient satisfaction and patient experience. Learnings were applied through a patient journey map to illustrate their understanding of the end-to-end process that patients have to go through and come up with solutions on how to address the various pain points. In addition, each participant was given feedback based on how they handled the different scenarios during the role playing activity.

SOD has been very active in promoting positive patient experience among its different units. To reinforce this initiative, the division developed several projects such as the Online Competency Exam and Monitoring, Assistance, Updates & Intervention (MAUI) Buddies, among others, to assist and support everyone to deliver positive experiences for the patients.