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April 23 2018

MakatiMed launches Patient ID System


Makati Medical Center recently launched the MMC Patient ID Card to strengthen engagement and facilitate seamless registration and transactions with new and existing patients of the institution.
Starting January 15, 2018, each MakatiMed patient is provided an ID card containing their name, date of birth, and unique patient number. The Patient ID card is used at every transaction, giving MakatiMed’s healthcare providers easier access to accurate patient data, reducing errors and time spent on repetitive form completion.
To avail themselves of the MakatiMed Patient ID, new or existing patients may proceed to any of the following locations:
  1. Medical Concierge (1st Floor, Tower 1)
  2. Pathology & Laboratories (1st Floor, Tower 2)
  3. Radiology (Ground Floor, Tower 1)
  4. Ultrasound (2nd Floor, Tower 1)
  5. Heart Station (3rd Floor, Tower 2)
  6. Printing Hub (Ground Floor, Tower 2)
“The Patient ID serves as a top-of-mind reminder of MakatiMed for our patients and their loved ones, and we hope this will strengthen their loyalty to our hospital as we endeavor to further improve patient experience,” says Rosalie R. Montenegro, President & CEO of MakatiMed.
This is MakatiMed’s latest initiative aimed at enhancing patients’ registration experience, beginning with the launch of iHIMS (integrated Hospital Information System) in 2013. The iHIMS helps the institution handle services, including patient registration and administration, inpatient admission, discharge and transfer, appointment scheduling, outpatient management, as well as billing and cashiering.