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June 01 2016

MakatiMed: 47 Years of Leadership

47th Anniversary
The hospital community gathered at the 8th Floor Tower 2 Auditorium on May 31 to take part in the festivities, which began with a thanksgiving mass

Makati Medical Center celebrated its 47th Foundation Anniversary with the theme “Celebrating 47 Years of Leadership” by recognizing the institution’s loyal employees and doctors. 

It also gave out a new award—the Appreciation Hall of Fame Award—given to those who have appeared in the Most Appreciated roster for five consecutive years.

The hospital community gathered at the 8th Floor Tower 2 Auditorium on May 31 to take part in the festivities, which began with a thanksgiving mass officiated by Fr. Reginald Malicdem, Rector of the Manila Cathedral. Fr. Malicdem’s homily centered on bringing joy and positivity to the people we visit, as the anniversary celebration fell on the Feast of the Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary. 

In his opening remarks, Benjamin N. Alimurung, MD, Medical Director, underscored the importance of celebrating milestones. “From time to time, we need to pause and take stock to appreciate the occasion, to appreciate those we work with, and to think of where we are heading,” he said. 
47th Anniversary
45-year doctor service awardees with MakatiMed top management: L-R,  Manuel  O.  Fernandez,  Jr.,  MD,  Executive  Vice  President; Adoracion M. Nambayan-Abad, MD (Cardiology); Francisco G. Dizon, MD (Medicine/Cardiology); Rosalie R. Montenegro, President & CEO; Asuncion A. Reloza, MD (Pediatrics/Cardiology); Pacita R. Salceda, MD (Psychiatry); Socorro B. Velasco, MD (Surgery/Reconstructive & Plastic Cosmetic) and Benjamin N. Alimurung, MD, Medical Director.

President & CEO Rosalie R. Montenegro thanked the employees and doctors not only for attending, but for being “enthusiastic” in cheering for their colleagues honored at the event.

She continued Dr. Alimurung’s message about “pausing and taking stock”. “Life should not only be lived, it should be celebrated,” she said, adding that the hospital community is looking forward to MakatiMed’s “golden year” or 50th Anniversary celebration.

Ms. Montenegro, Dr. Alimurung, and Manuel O. Fernandez, Jr., MD, Executive Vice President, handed out awards to doctors and employees who have stayed with the institution for a decade and more, staff members who have excelled in giving quality service, and doctors who have won in contests and have had articles published in peer-reviewed medical journals.
47th Anniversary
35-year employee service awardees with MakatiMed top management: L-R,  Ma.  Loreta  V.  Cuerdo  (MMC  HealthHub),  Rolando  S.  Marcos (CV  Telemetry),  Rosalie  R.  Montenegro,  President  &  CEO;  Manuel  O. Fernandez, MD, Executive Vice President; Rolando A. Toledo (Emergency Nursing  Services/Triage  Unit),  and  Ma  Fe  T.  Torres  (General  Nursing Services 2/8th Circular) and Benjamin N. Alimurung, MD, Medical Director.

The first Appreciation Hall of Fame Awardees were Godofredo C. Godoy, MD, from the Section of General Medicine and Raymond John R. Agunos from Medical Records.

Dr. Alimurung, who was ending his tenure as Medical Director on May 31, also received a Special Citation Award and was named Most Appreciated Doctor. 
47th Anniversary
Benjamin N. Alimurung, MD

“He steered the institution to become a renowned and accredited world-class facility through his unwavering passion for the JCI accreditation,” said Janine F. Lota, Human Resources Management & Development Division Head, reading from the citation. “He pioneered the creation of many centers of excellence for specialized clinical practice in MakatiMed. Known to embrace technology and process improvement, he motivated the clinical group and supported MakatiMed's initiative to implement a single platform for patient information management which further put MakatiMed in the global map of world class hospitals.”

A Special Citation Award was also given to Remedios G. Suntay, MD, “for her unwavering support and unconditional love for MakatiMed.”  
47th Anniversary
Rosalie R. Montenegro, President & CEO

“During the years when the institution was in danger of ‘being in the red’, it was the light of her star that guided us away from the deep, dark waters, and her heart that kept us afloat, financially and emotionally. As one of our top anesthesiologists, and a member of the Board of Directors, she is like a mother who is ready to show ‘cariño brutal’, bringing out her whip to lash against the erring doctors – and maybe even fellow directors -- but who is gentle and sweet, mentoring the doctors and nurses under her wing to be the best that they can be. We are not exaggerating when we say we were saved by her and the best gift we can give her is a world-class healthcare institution – a ship no longer sinking but now on its right and true course,” the citation read.

MakatiMed screened two short videos featuring the Service Awardees with the longest tenure—45 years for doctors and 35 years for the employees. The videos focused on the meaning of leadership.

“We are a hospital of leaders,” said Service Awardee Asuncion A. Reloza, MD, from the Department of Pediatrics, who received an award for serving as a MakatiMed physician for 45 years.