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January 14 2022

How to Stay Active While Working or Studying at Home

For years now, the ongoing pandemic has pushed most of the world population into staying inside the safety of their homes. Today, infection rates for COVID-19 surge anew worldwide with the Omicron variant.
Consequently, work-from-home alternatives and online classes have grown in popularity, with nearly 50% of Filipinos now favoring this setup. Because of this, even those who once led active lifestyles, often spending time outdoors, have now converted into homebodies.
While staying at home remains to be the best way to avoid catching and spreading the virus, it can still take a toll on a person’s health, particularly their weight.
According to a study published by Epic Research, around 39% of patients gained an average fluctuation of 2.5 pounds (1.13kg), while the majority gained a range between 12.5 (5.67kg) to 27.5 pounds (12.47kg). This can have a negative effect later on as it can increase the risk of developing diseases such as type 2 diabetes and heart disease.
As vaccination efforts and observance of minimum health protocols continue, staying at home should not be used as an excuse to lead an inactive and unhealthy lifestyle but, instead, find ways to be active despite spending most of the time indoors.

Effective Tips on How to Stay Active at Home

Keeping an active lifestyle is essential to becoming healthy in mind, body, and spirit. However, people are often limited to what they can do when stuck at home. Luckily, there is an abundance of creative tricks to keep active while staying safe from COVID-19.
  • Schedule a general home cleaning

Getting up to conduct a general home cleaning is beneficial for the body and mind as it encourages different types of movement while creating a clean and safe environment for the family to work or study in. Through activities such as scrubbing the walls, vacuuming, carrying, and moving objects around, different muscle groups can be exercised and stretched out.
  • Walk around during calls

If a work call does not require a camera to be turned on, use the opportunity to walk around the room to stretch out the legs and improve blood flow. To make things more interesting, set a goal on how many steps need to be accomplished each day. Keep track using a pedometer.
  • Spend some time standing while working

Standing desks promote more productivity during the day as it gives the body benefits such as reduced back pain. People naturally shift their weight around to find more comfort when seated while working. Ideally, standing for one (1) hour for every one (1) to two (2) hours of sitting should be practiced.
  • Go on a 30-day challenge

A 30-day exercise challenge is a continuous task of performing a physical activity each day to stay active. While this can typically be accomplished alone, getting friends and family members involved through video conferencing can spark friendly competition and encourage each other to stay healthy.
  • Practice time blocking

Time blocking is a time management method that divides the day into blocks dedicated to different activities. Use this method to set a designated time to exercise and perform physical activities during the day or week.
  • Keep exercise equipment accessible

Keeping small exercise equipment nearby can encourage movement when the need to fiddle with something arises. These can include grip strengtheners, elastic bands, small weights, and more.
  • Develop a healthy daily rhythm

One of the best ways to maintain an active lifestyle is through repetition and building good habits. While this may not always be as easy in the beginning, asking for help from friends and family can keep the motivation going and growing.
  • Play with your pets

Playing with a cat, dog, or other pets can encourage both parties to remain active through games or various training exercises. At the same time, it can also trigger increased dopamine (mood hormone) levels for people, which can help significantly reduce stress levels.
  • Get your hands on an active video game

Playing video games that encourage body movement can be an effective way for everyone in the household to stay active while having fun.
  • Cook up some moves

Cooking with music in the background can help encourage more movement while preparations are done in the kitchen. This can help the body exercise more muscles and increase blood circulation.
  • Workout while binge-watching

Rather than staying on the couch or lying down in bed, try out small exercises while watching a show. These exercises include sit-ups, planks, squats, and various stretches. For those who have available equipment, walking or jogging on a treadmill may also suffice.

Creative Alternatives to Old Habits

As the pandemic continues, it is best to observe the minimum health protocols and remain at home. However, despite being limited to indoor activities, it is crucial to stick to healthy habits that can help prevent other diseases. This includes maintaining a healthy weight through a good diet and regular exercise.
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