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December 07 2016

MakatiMed launches Intern Scholarship program

UST graduate is first scholar
L-R: Dennis G. Damaso, MD, Director, Medical Education & Research Division (MERD); Rita E. Dolendo, Head, Internship Program of MERD; Russell G. Nogot, MD, Intern Scholar; and Johnny B. Sinon, MD, Medical Director.

Makati Medical Center has recently launched its merit-based Intern Scholarship program, which provides financial assistance to medical interns based on their academic achievement and financial need.

A medical intern is a physician in training undergoing supervised practical experience in a hospital, prior to receiving a license to practice medicine.

The program was the brainchild of MakatiMed President & CEO Rosalie R. Montenegro, and was spearheaded by MakatiMed’s Internship Program under the Medical Education and Research Division (MERD).

Scholarship application requirements include an application form, Transcript of Records, recommendation letters from academic mentors, a 200-word essay outlining the intern’s goals and plans for their medical career, demonstrated need for financial assistance, and an interview with MERD and the Human Resources Management and Development Division.

The scholarship is open for all MakatiMed interns. MakatiMed accepts an average of 72 interns every year.

Its first awardee is Russell Angelo G. Nogot, MD, a graduate of University of Sto. Tomas, who said being named as the program’s first grantee “was a great honor”.

“I was proud of the fact that I will be part of helping my family’s expenses while I am still pursuing my medical internship,” he said. “I am very thankful to the scholarship committee and Makati Medical Center for selecting me to be part of this wonderful opportunity to assist me and my family as I pursue my career as a medical doctor.”

Nogot added that his real interest “is in the field of research, but I am also interested in Internal Medicine, especially the fields of Oncology, Nephrology, Cardiology and Gastroenterology. I am also considering specializing in Neurology or Neurosurgery, but I will let my training experience decide which specialization will best suit my physical and intellectual capabilities.”

“We are proud to launch this program to support our physicians in training,” said Johnny B. Sinon, MakatiMed Medical Director. “It is our hope that this will help ease their financial burdens and allow them to focus on their path to becoming full-fledged medical doctors and servants to our community.”