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August 31 2019

MakatiMed Golden Babies

Francis Leo Maria D. Ordenes – Patient Relations Department

In celebration of MakatiMed’s 50th Anniversary, the Patient Relations Department (PRD) under the Quality Management Division (QMD) gave special recognition and appreciation to the families of the first baby boy and baby girl born in MakatiMed on its milestone 50th anniversary, May 31, 2019.

The Patient Relations Officers made surprise visits to the respective rooms of baby boy Zach Ezekiel Donato Tala-oc and baby girl Maria Sophia Shannel Villacorta Valencia and gave them memorable gifts to celebrate the milestones in the lives of the Tala-oc, Valencia, and MakatiMed families. 


MakatiMed team welcomes baby boy Tala-oc with gifts.

Valencia family receive the token from MakatiMed doctors and PRD.