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August 09 2017

Makati Medical Center hosts 4th MPIC Standardization and Collaboration Meeting


MPIC Nursing delegates gather for collaboration and standardization at the 4th MPIC Nursing Collaboration and Standardization Program.

Makati Medical Center hosted the 4th Metro Pacific Investment Corporation (MPIC) Nursing Collaboration and Standardization Meeting entitled “Normothermia: Optimal Surgical Care through Temperature Management” on August 9, 2017 at the 8th Floor Tower 2 MakatiMed Auditorium.
One hundred seventy-four (174) Nursing leaders and delegates from 12 healthcare institutions of the MPIC Hospital Group were in attendance. The hospital investments group members are Asian Hospital and Medical Center, Cardinal Santos Medical Center, Central Luzon Doctors’ Hospital, De Los Santos Medical Center, Dr. Jesus Delgado Memorial Hospital, Makati Medical Center, Manila Doctors’ Hospital, Marikina Valley Medical Center, Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital, Sacred Heart of Malolos Hospital, The MegaClinic, and West Metro Medical Center.
“The main objective of this activity is to uphold nursing competence through evidence-based practices, which is widely established internationally. It is good to see a brilliant pool of our hospital group’s nursing leaders,” said Augusto P. Palisoc, Jr., President and CEO of Metro Pacific Hospital Holdings Inc. (MPHHI).
As part of the program, recognition and appreciation were extended to the MPIC leadership who have supported the nursing community. “We would like to present the Beacon and Nightingale awards to two important persons who greatly contributed to the achievement and advancement of nurses in the healthcare industry,” said Christine A. Donnelly, EDL, MSN, MA, RN, MakatiMed Nursing Vice President, as she handed the Beacon Award to Mr. Palisoc, and the Nightingale Award to Rosalie R. Montenegro, MakatiMed President and CEO. They were recognized for their visionary guidance, unwavering leadership and exemplary contribution to the Nursing Profession.
There were five (5) lecture sessions focused on the management for surgical patients. “Transforming Nurses through MPIC Collaborative Initiatives and Development,” presented by Dr. Donnelly; “Innovative Solutions in Preventing Surgical Site Infections,” by Mina Aldea, RN, MAN, Regional Clinical Consultant for 3M Asia Pacific; “Innovations in Surgical Safety using Convective Warmer Device,” by Edgar M. Simon, MD, Consultant of the Department of Anesthesia of Asian Hospital and Medical Center; and “Promotion of Normothermia to Patients in the Surgical Care Continuum,” by Leah L. Ante, RN, Clinical Department Manager of MakatiMed Operative Services.  Adrian S. Brillantes, Jr., RN and Erika B. Macairan, RN, MakatiMed Nurse Managers, moderated the program.
The last session of the program was a focus group discussion on the “MPIC Standards and Guidelines on Normothermia,” facilitated by Farrah T. Visey, RN, Clinical Department Manager of MakatiMed Maternity Services. A reviewed document was finalized for collaborative implementation across MPIC hospital group members
This conference was the fourth segment in the MPIC Nursing Leaders’ conference series. The first conference entitled “Exceeding Hospital Excellence through MPIC Alliance” was held on September 14, 2015, followed by “Strengthening MPIC Collaboration through Standardization of Policies and Procedures” on May 18, 2016; and “Fall, Pain, Pressure Ulcer (FPP) Workshop” on June 11, 2016. A total of seven (7) nursing policies (Fall, Pain, Pressure Ulcer, PVAD, CVAD, IVAD and Normothermia) were standardized across the group.

L-R: Alexander Sangoyo, RN, MAN (Assistant Director for Nursing Specialty Services),
Augusto Palisoc Jr. (President & CEO of Metro Pacific Hospital Holdings Inc),
Christine A. Donnelly, EDL, MSN, MA, RN (Chief Nursing Officer and Vice President of Nursing & Patient Care Services)