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December 07 2016

Makati Medical Center and MIMS Partner to Enhance Medication Adherence and Safety

In line with its commitment to patient safety, premier Philippine healthcare institution Makati Medical Center expands its partnership with MIMS, a leading provider of drug information and medical education for healthcare professionals, to include MIMS Integrated, which enables medicine information and decision support data to be embedded within the hospital’s prescription workflow.
This enables doctors, pharmacists, and nurses to have point-of-care access to medicine information and medication safety alerts.

MIMS Integrated will interface with MakatiMed’s Integrated Hospital Information System (iHIMS), and will be a vital component of the hospital’s Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Project. In EMR, which will be rolled out this year in MakatiMed’s inpatient units, doctors enter medication orders electronically instead of on paper.

With MIMS Integrated in place, doctors will receive medication safety alerts such as drug interactions, drug allergies, drug duplications, overdoses, contraindications and more, at the point of data entry, allowing the medical professional to make the necessary changes prior to prescription and greatly reducing medication errors.

Representatives from MakatiMed and MIMS, led by Rosalie R. Montenegro, MakatiMed President & CEO; Johnny B. Sinon, MD, MakatiMed Medical Director; Yasunobu Sakai, MIMS CEO; and Cliford Patrick, MIMS General Manager, signed the agreement on September 16 at the MakatiMed boardroom.

Also present were Wai Fun Leong, MIMS Deputy Director, Healthcare Data, Drug Information Division, and representatives from MakatiMed’s Pharmacy Services, Procurement, Information & Comunications Technology, and Human Resources Management & Development divisions.

“We are confident this partnership with MIMS will lead to higher levels of patient safety at MakatiMed,” said Ms. Montenegro.

In 2013, MakatiMed became the first hospital in the Philippines to use MIMS Gateway, a web-based clinical reference solution that contains practical resources such as prescribing information for locally approved medicine, patient-friendly medicine information, product image identification tool, decision support tools for screening of potential drug interactions, allergies and contraindications, treatment guidelines, and more. MIMS Integrated is an expansion of this partnership.

Representatives from MIMS and MakatiMed gather together on September 16 for the signing of the MIMS Integrated agreement.

L-R: Cliford Patrick, MIMS General Manager; Rosalie R. Montenegro, MakatiMed President & CEO; Johnny B. Sinon, MD, MakatiMed Medical Director; Yasunobu Sakai, MIMS CEO; Johnnelan Lee, MIMS  Director, Clinical & Hospital Services Division; and Tetsuro Omura, Deputy Director of Management Office