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July 01 2019

Here Are the Answers to Questions You’re Too Afraid to Ask Your Doctor

Although it’s normal to feel uncomfortable asking personal questions about what’s happening to your body, remember that doctors are trained professionals who only want the best for your health.
Keeping secrets from your doctor could lead to wrong diagnoses, or worse, to more serious medical problems. That said, here are common awkward health-related questions that you may be embarrassed to ask your physician.
1. I'm urinating more than usual. Should I be alarmed?
Excessive urination may be due to several reasons. One is voiding dysfunction, which may start at a young age. When there’s voiding dysfunction, the poor coordination between the bladder and the urethra makes your pelvic floor muscles prone to either incomplete relaxation or overactivity, giving you the urge to urinate.
It’s also possible that your caffeine and alcohol intake is causing you to pee more frequently since these substances are diuretics. These diuretic beverages can increase the frequency of urination, so you might want to cut back.
2. Do I need to be regularly screened for prostate cancer?
Prostate cancer is one of the most common types of cancer in men. Statistics show that 19.3 percent of every 100,000 Filipino men are affected by prostate cancer. Given that, doctors recommend prostate screening for men aged 50 to 75, or earlier at 40, if there’s a history of prostate cancer in the family.

3. Why am I wetting the bed?

Bedwetting among adults can be embarrassing, but it’s usually not a serious medical condition. However, there are times when an overactive urinary bladder may be a sign of diabetes, prostate gland enlargement, bladder cancer, or Parkinson’s disease.

4. I’ve seen a little bit of blood when I wiped my behind. Do I have an intestinal problem?
Rectal bleeding during a bowel movement may not necessarily mean that you have serious intestinal diseases, such as cancer. Sometimes, it may be due to ulcers, hemorrhoids, or polyps. If the bleeding happens often, or if you’re seeing a lot of blood, your doctor may advise you to undergo a colonoscopy to help identify the cause.
5. Sometimes, I get painful orgasms. What’s the reason for this?
You might think that sex is a private matter between you and your partner, but if you’re experiencing cramps during or after orgasm, you should openly discuss it with your doctor. Women are typically prone to orgasmic pain due to changes in hormonal levels.
If you’ve been enduring painful orgasms for more than three months already, consult your doctor to get some peace of mind. Leaving this question unanswered may affect your desire to have sex or your ability to enjoy it.
6. Why do I keep getting yeast infections?
Natural yeast or fungus is always present in the vagina. However, women may show signs of irritation, itching, or inflammation around the vaginal area when their immune system weakens and the fungus multiplies. The symptoms may worsen if the woman wears very tight underwear or any material that traps heat and moisture, which are perfect conditions for yeast to grow.
Women who experience persistent yeast infections need to check with their doctors if there’s an underlying sickness that’s causing it.
The Doctor is In
An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and we couldn’t agree more. Preventive measures include visiting your doctor and asking questions even though the situation might make you feel awkward. When you do this, you can get the necessary treatment or intervention as early as possible. And perhaps more importantly, it will put your mind at ease. Knowing that you’re healthy and well is a priceless feeling.
Makati Medical Center doctors are the best in their field who will accommodate all your health concerns. They’ll be the first to tell you to forget the awkwardness and that asking is always better than speculating what medical condition you’re experiencing. Set an appointment with your MakatiMed doctor now.