Here Are the Answers to Questions You’re Too Afraid to Ask Your Doctor

Although it’s normal to feel uncomfortable asking personal questions about what’s happening to your body, remember that doctors are trained professionals who only want the best for your health. Keeping secrets from your doctor could lead to wrong diagnoses, or worse, to more serious medical problems. That said, here are common awkward health-related questions that you […]

Teens and Pre-Teens Still Need Vaccines! Here’s Everything You Need to Know

​Vaccination is one of the most effective ways to safeguard your children against preventable diseases, such as flu or chickenpox. It’s common for Filipino parents to have infants and their young children vaccinated, but they often forget about this process once their children have reached their tweens or teens. Yes, you read that right: pre-teens and […]

4 Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat Problems to Watch Out For In Your Kids

Kids are susceptible to a multitude of infections. It’s almost impossible to stop kids from touching or interacting with objects around them. After all, they’re just being kids. And because their ENT regions are not yet completely developed, they become prone to eye, ear, nose, and throat problems. As a parent, taking care of sick […]

What is Heat Stroke and How Can You Prevent It?

Summer in the Philippines means out-of-town beach trips with family and friends. While that sounds like a jolly good time, the other side of the coin shows a less-than-cheerful experience, where Filipinos become more susceptible to heat stroke. According to Gabriel G. Gabriel, MD, head Chairman of MakatiMed’s Emergency Medicine Department, heat stroke is the […]