Job Vacancies

    System Support Officer

    The Systems Support Officer is responsible for monitoring and reporting systems risks and enhancements. He/she handles the hospital's systems-related improvements review and cut-over implementation. He/she coordinates with other departments and divisions with regards to Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and Sharepoint initiatives.

    Process Improvement Officer

    This role is responsible for actively implementing process improvement initiatives by facilittating the redesign of business processes to improve patient experience, reduce cost, and/or increase revenue.

    Content and Web Administration Officer

    • Manages content and provides technical expertise for the development, implementation and maintenance of the Hospital's digital media and other relevant touchpoints(i.e. electronic newsletters, webistes, kiosks, etc).
    • May recommend and develop visuals and graphical designs.

    MIS for HR

    This role defines, analyzes and tests new software applications that will support the achievement and improvement of the division's processes and functions. He/She analyzes existing HR data and creates appropriate reports for HR use in process improvements and making management decisions.

    Vascular Technologist


    Administrative Staff

    The Administrative Staff- Administrative Support is responsible for providing back-end administrative support for the department. This includes monitoring of Laboratory requests, releasing and delivery of results, and handling phone and face-to-face inquiries and complaints.

    Costing Officer

    This role performs end-to-end pricing review of services and packages of the hospital, which include a high volume of repetitive transactions and daily system maintenance related to the department. He/She assists in he review of the quality, accuracy, and completeness of the reports prepared by the department.

    Financial Planning Analyst

    Responsible for the preparation and analysis of the departmental profit and loss (P&L) statement. Assists in preparation , review, consolidation and allocation of the departmental budget

    Business Process Management Officer

    The Business Process Management Officer is responsible for measuring, analyzing, improving, and aintaining key business procesesses to support management in decision-making


    EMR Systems Specialist

    The EMR Systems Specialist assists the Physicians and the Allied Health Professionals in using the system for the documentation and review of the patient's medical record.