Job Vacancies

    Complaints Resolution Officer, Patient Relations

    The Complaints Resolution Officer validates all approved investigations on patient complaints from different hospital units. He/She analyses the reports of investigations conducted, recommends responses, and drafts resolution letters for the patients.

    Infection Prevention & Control Officer

    The Infection Prevention & Control Officer is responsible for performing infection prevention and control related surveillance, reporting of Healthcare-Associated Infections (HAIs) and, providing training courses about infection control employees.

    Emergency Medicine Hospitalist

    The Emergency Medicine Hospitalist is a trained Emergency Physician who will diagnose, treat, stabilize or resuscitate patients prior to referring them to the appropriate medical service.

    Junior Clinical Safety & Risk Management Officer

    The Junior Clinical Safety and Risk Management Officer is responsible for assisting the implementation of the hospital wide identification, collection and analysis of safety related information. He/She collaborates with the departments to identify risks and manage risks accordingly, and to develop measures for the delivery of high quality care.

    Senior Clinical Performance Improvement Officer

    The Senior Clinical Performance Improvement (CPI) Officer leads in the coordination of hospital-wide and departmental Quality Improvement activities. He/She provides training on quality improvement tools and assists other departments in the analysis of data for performance improvement.

    Administrative Staff, Clinical Department

    The Administrative Staff, Clinical Department is responsible for providing clerical and administrative support to assigned clinical department under the Medical Services Division. He/She also does secretarial job for the committees under the assigned clinical department.

    Accreditation & Compliance Officer

    The Accreditation & Compliance Officer (Physician) is responsible for conducting internal quality surveys (IQS) to assess the compliance of hospital departments and units with regulatory and accreditation standards. He/She follows up appropriateness and subsequent implementation of corrective action of different departments.

    License & Policy Officer

    The License & Policy Officer monitors hospital plans, programs, policies, and ensures that procedures are updated, compliant, and consistent with regulatory and accreditation standards. He/She also monitors hospital licenses and accreditation and its timely renewal.

    Clinical Data Quality Officer

    The Clinical Data Quality Officer is responsible for data gathering of department-related, hospital-wide and clinical department quality indicators.  He/She assists the department’s Quality Officer in data collation and analysis and in clinical improvement activities.

    Hospital Epidemiologist

    The Hospital Epidemiologist assists the Department Manager, Infection Prevention & Control (IPC) in providing effective leadership for a comprehensive hospital-wide Infection Prevention and Control Program in collaboration with the Medical Director. He/She ensures that the program operates in accordance with local and international standards. He/She also monitors the implementation of the Infection Prevention and Control Program designed by IPC and the Infection Control Committee (ICC) and ensures that patients, visitors, medical and house staff, employees, and outsourced service providers are protected from infection which may be acquired within the hospital.