Our Services

The Makati Medical Center’s Department of Neuropsychiatry provides a comprehensive outpatient and in-patient behavioral health and psychiatric care for elderly, adults, adolescents, and children with mental health problems. We use a multidimensional, biopsychosociospiritual approach to treating mental conditions through specialized treatment for different populations.
Services Facilities
Our Neuropsychiatry Section is manned 24/7 by competent and compassionate medical and nursing staff. The unit’s design and safety features conform to national and international standards. Our facilities include the following:
  • Secure anteroom
  • Acute Care Room
  • Home theater system
  • Visitor’s lounge
  • Full-exhaust smoking lounge
  • Recreational therapy area
  • Rooms (ward, semi-private, and private)
Requirements for Admission
  • Your psychiatrist is a MakatiMed attending physician
  • You have signed consent from your next-of-kin
  • You are cleared of co-morbid active infections
  • Children and geriatric patients must be accompanied
Chairman Emeritus: Dr. Baltazar V. Reyes, M.D.
Department Head: Dr. Lovie Hope Go-Chu, M.D.