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May 02 2019

Straight from the Heart: MakatiMed mounts Blood Drive

By: Aubrey D. Sarmiento, RN, Blood Bank & Transfusion Services

Makati Medical Center held an In-House Blood Drive to celebrate Valentine’s Day with the theme: "Give Blood, a Gift Straight from the Heart." 
Blood Bank and Transfusion Services organized the blood drive which happened at the 8th floor Tower 2 Auditorium. The objective of the event was to increase the number of voluntary blood donors as well as the blood supply for the patients.
The event ended a success with a total of  71 registered blood donors. Participants who signed-up for screening includes MakatiMed employees, UST Medical Technology Interns and other walk-in blood donors.
Blood Bank and Transfusion Services were able to collect 54 units of blood from successful blood donors which translates to a total of 24,300ml/6.4 gallons.
MakatiMed employees from various departments spend Valentine’s Day donating blood.