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January 12 2015

MakatiMed celebrates Nurses' Week

In line with the 57th National Nurses’ Week Celebration, Makati Medical Center’s Nursing Services Division held its Nurses’ Week near the end of 2014 with a series of activities that looked at the past, present and the future of nursing.

The festivities started with a thanksgiving mass attended by the nurses, nursing leaders and corporate executives, followed by the opening of the Research Articles Exhibit led by Christine A. Donnelly, Vice President for Nursing and Patient Care Services, and Janine Lota, Vice President for Human Resources Management and Development. The exhibit, located at the 8th Floor Tower 2 Auditorium, showcased the nurses’ research output submitted to peer-reviewed international publications.

In the afternoon, the High Risk Nursing Unit Team bested 11 teams at War of the Wits, a quiz bee contest. Nurses Sherrihan Ahid, Arianne Reyes and Joane Manarang worked their way through three rounds and a challenging breaker before being proclaimed as winners. Emerging in second and third places, respectively, were teams from Critical Care 3 and Critical Care 1.

Early next day, Ms. Donnelly did her Nursing rounds starting at 5:30 AM to greet the nurses a “Happy Nurses’ Week” and distributed sweet treats from the I-COW (Ice cream on wheels). The I-COW trips were extended to 11:00 PM to serve the staff on night shift. At the Nurses’ Skills Fair, 14 companies exhibited their latest products and innovations. Attendees were able to test and try everything from hand sanitizers to medical equipment, all aimed to provide excellent and quality patient care. 

Through a partnership with medical company 3M, the breakout room at the 8th Floor Tower 2 was converted into a Zen Massage room where nurses, doctors, and corporate friends enjoyed a relaxing 20-minute head and back massage.
In line with Philippine Nursing Association’s annual convention theme, "Filipino Nurses Contributing to Global Health Care Outcomes", MakatiMed invited fellow nurses who have worked abroad to speak at the 8th Nursing Lecture Series. Leah Ante, RN from Canada, Eda Bernadette Bodegon, RN from the United Kingdom, Marideth Egoy, RN from Malawi and Ms. Donnelly, who used to work in the United States, shared their experiences and insights.
The culminating event was the Nurses Bash 2014: The DENIMvasion, Nurse Excellence Award and Nurses Talent Showdown, attended by President & CEO Rosalie R. Montenegro and members of the corporate divisions.

All 12 departments of the Nursing and Patient Care Services showed their creativity and talent. The judges for the talent showdown were Shieyl Aranas and Matt Anjelo de Guzman from Marketing and Sales Services, and Agnes Fulo from Clinical Support of the Nursing Service Division.