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1. All applications for training programs are available in Makati Medical Center website (www.makatimet.net.ph).
2. All applications are reviewed by the training committee of the department/section where the applicant wishes to train. The composition of such committee is made at the discretion of the department chairman. The committee has the prerogative to conduct interviews and administer written examinations as methods of screening the applicants and choosing the successful candidates.

3. No resident or fellow may go on duty in the hospital until all the requirements are completed, their contract is signed, and the Makati Medical Center identification card is issued.

4. All residents and fellows are under the supervision of the Division of Medical Education and Research. All records will be held on the trainee’s 201 file by the HRMDD. When a psychological evaluation is required by the concerned department, it is filed separately from the 201 file, subject to the security measures prescribed for it. For the remaining psychological tests results kept at DMER, retention period will be within one month after the trainee’s completion of training. Please refer to Retention Period and Disposal of Medical Education and Research Documents (MER-DPP-MOI-001).

5. All appointees are required to familiarize themselves with the hospital policies as provided in the manuals and orientation programs of the DMER and the HRMDD. The specific departmental/section policies and the training program are explained to the appointees by the training committee of the department/section prior to the start of training. No on-boarding, no start of training. Please refer to Fellows, Residents, Medical Interns and Medical Clerks Onboarding Program (MMC-HPP-SQE-036). ​


​1. Applicants fill out PDF application form and send accomplished form to Medical.Education@makatimed.net.ph. Email subject must be indicated as Application form – fellowship program (e.g. Application form – Cardiology) or Application form – residency program (e.g. Application form – Emergency Medicine). ​

2. The Division of Medical Education and Research (DMER) forwards the completed application form together with the other required documents to the respective chairs and section chiefs. ​
3. Applicants submit the following requirements in certified true copies (from the source) before any application is officially entertained. If certified true copies are not available, a photocopy may be submitted until a certified true copy is available. Primary source verification is conducted by HRMD-Talents Acquisition Department (TAD). Please refer to Credentials Verification (MMC-HPP-SQE-026).

3.1 Completed application form and Data Privacy & Consent
3.2  Transcript of Records*
3.3 PRC Board Examination Results*
3.4  Medical Degree Diploma*
3.5  Certification of Rank in Class (original copy)*
3.6 Passport size (1.5 x 1.5 in) picture with white background (1 copy)
3.7 Processing fee of P500 (to be paid at the Billing Section, Ground Floor, Tower 1)
​      *Fellowship applicants who had their residency training in MMC need not submit these documents.

Method of Payment
3.7.1 Cash – Any cashier at Makati Medical Center
3.7.2 Online payment
Bank Account Number
SA 0075-00003126
Security Bank - Peso
CA 0602-005969-001
CA 0602-005969-002
Security Bank - Peso
CA 0602-005969-200

A copy of the deposit slip or proof of payment shall be emailed to Medical.Education@makatimed.net.ph

Additional requirements for RESIDENCY APPLICANTS:
3.8 Certificate of internship
3.9 Updated recommendation letter regarding internship performance from the internship training program officer (original copy) – within six (6) months
Additional requirements for FELLOWSHIP APPLICANTS:
3.10 Certificate of residency
3.11 Certificate of specialty board / Certificate of good standing if specialty board was taken more than two (2) years prior to application
3.12 Updated recommendation letter from the residency training officer (original copy) – within six (6) months

4. The training committee forwards its recommendations to the department chair/section chief for approval when the interviews and written examinations have been successfully satisfied.  

5. The department chair/section chief notifies DMER of the eligible applicants for two weeks of immersion. A temporary identification card with validity dates is issued to all applicants for immersion.  Any immersion that will go beyond two weeks must be justified and cleared with the DMER. The DMER Director / Medical Director can shorten or change the immersion period based on the exigencies of the period. 

6. After the immersion period, the department chair/section chief informs DMER of the successful candidates (appointees). After reviewing the recommendation and the availability of the residency and fellowship positions, the Director of DMER shall forward the documents to the Medical Director for approval. 

7. The appointees report to the Employee Well-Being Clinic (EWC) for the physical examination as scheduled by DMER.

8. Appointees must submit all the requirements for successful candidates (item 4) to DMER within one week from the date the applicant is recommended by the department chairman. The immersion period prior to residency and fellowship appointment may be used to complete the hospital requirements.
9. Successful candidates (appointees) must submit the following requirements:
​To be submitted in original or photocopy before signing the contract.
9.1 All the documents mentioned in the application procedure
9.2 ID picture 1 pc (2x2) and 3 pcs (1 ½ x 1 ½) colored with white background
9.3 Professional Tax Receipt (PTR)
9.4 Updated PRC card (back to back)
9.5 NBI clearance (original copy) – within three (3) months
9.6 Certificate of good moral character from two (2) character references (original copy) – within six (6) months
9.7 Pre-employment medical examination form from Employee Well-being Clinic.

Additional requirements for appointees of the following departments/sections: Anesthesiology, Emergency Medicine, Medicine, Neurology, Neurosurgery, Psychiatry, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Orthopedic Surgery, Otorhinolaryngology, Pediatrics, Radiation Oncology, and Surgery

9.8 Narcotic license number (S2)
9.9 Three (3) Yellow Prescription Pads 
10. Once ALL the requirements have been completed, DMER will endorse the appointee to the Human Resources Management & Development Division (HRMDD) for contract signing. The date the contract is signed is recorded as the official commencement of the residency/fellowship at training.​
(original document signed)
Updated by:              Odessa P. Caimoy
Unit Manager, Division of Medical Education and Research

(original document signed)                               (original document signed)
Reviewed by:           Ramon S. Francisco, MD                                       Jimmy B. Aragon, MD
Department Head, Residency Program         Department Head, Fellowship Program
(original document signed)
Approved by:            Maria Rosario P. Marin, MD
Director, Division of Medical Education and Research

List of Department and Section

Residency Programs                                     
Department / Section
Emergency Medicine
Obstetrics & Gynecology
Orthopedic Surgery
Pathology & Laboratories
Radiation Oncology

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FELLOWSHIP Programs                                              
Department / Section
Regional Anesthesia
Cardiac Rehabilitation
Infectious Diseases
Medical Oncology
Stroke and Vascular Neurology
Obstetrics & Gynecology
OB-Gyn Ultrasound | CLOSED
Pathology & Laboratories
Clinical Microbiology
Pediatric Pulmonology | CLOSED
Breast Imaging
Interventional Radiology | CLOSED
Ultrasound | CLOSED
Plastic, Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgery | CLOSED

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