St. Teresa, Dr. Raul G. Fores, and the Hospital with a Heart

By: John Vincent G. Pastores, MD, Member, MakatiMed Advisory Committee Consultant, Department of Surgery ​The Roman Catholic Church recently canonized Mother Teresa as St. Teresa of Calcutta. Known as the “Living Saint” during her lifetime, she led the Missionaries of Charity, a congregation of nuns which primarily serve the poor all over the world. In the […]

MakatiMed NeuroSciences in Ilocos

Makati Medical Center’s Strategic Hospital Alliance Program (SHAP) held an event as part of its road show program, featuring the Department of Neurological Sciences. The forum, entitled “NeuroSciences Subspecialties Made Easy” and held on November 25 at the Mira de Polaris Hotel in San Nicolas, Ilocos Norte, was co-presented by Ranada General Hospital, one of […]