Food Indigestion: How Does It Happen?

Everyone likes a good celebration. For Filipinos, there is no better way to get together with friends and family than with a feast of sumptuous and delectable dishes. While it is tempting to put one’s diet in the backseat, it is also easy to overdo with indulgence and lose control at the dining table by […]

Seasonal Affective Disorder: The SAD Truth

Depression is a psychological disorder that has progressively affected individuals worldwide, especially during this COVID-19 pandemic. Often, it is characterized by feelings of loneliness or hopelessness with certain triggers from past traumas, incidents, and experiences. When these feelings occur at a specific time every year, in time for changes in season and events, this is […]

The Ins and Outs of Organ Transplants

The human body is made up of various organs, each with a specific purpose. They all work together under a systematic sequence so that the body functions normally. While some may not be as vital as others, each still has an important role to play. It is essential to keep these organs in good condition […]

10 Healthy Food to Include When You Have Special Dietary Needs

​Food is a basic need and a primary source of nutrition. But more than that, food is a cultural marker that binds communities and generations. People across the globe share sumptuous dishes with friends and family regularly, both for sustenance and enjoyment. Unfortunately, many health conditions are also caused by food. That is why people […]