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Ground Floor Tower 2
+632 8888 8999 locals 3012 and 3013
+632 8888 8999 local 3016 (Blood Bank)

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Daily, 24 Hours 

The Department of Pathology and Laboratories provides diagnostic services to Makati Medical Center’s physicians and their patients through advanced laboratory examination and evaluation. The laboratories are fully automated and equipped with state-of-the-art machines used for diagnostic testing in a modern facility. It has an online Laboratory Information System (LIS), bringing laboratory results to the digital age.
It also houses the Anatomic and Molecular Laboratories which can perform confidential HIV tests, DNA sequencing for DNA profiling and paternity testing, and other molecular procedures, and the MakatiMed Blood Bank which handles blood transfusion services.

Blood Bank
The MakatiMed Blood Bank accepts blood donors. All blood donors must bring or present one (1) valid ID with photograph and must undergo screening to see if they are qualified to donate.
Below are the basic requirements for blood donors:
  1. In good health
  2. No cough and/or colds
  3. Must be at least 110 lbs/50 kilograms
  4. Must be 18-60 years old. For 16 to 17 year-old donors, parental written consent is needed
  5. No alcohol intake within 24 hours
  6. Blood pressure of at least 90/60 to 140/90
  7. With enough rest and at least 6-8 hours of sleep
  8. No operation (minor or major), dental extraction or surgery, tattoo and body piercing for the past 12 months
  9. Three month interval from last donation
  10. No medication intake within 24 hours (except vitamins); at least two (2) weeks after last antibiotic intake
  11. No history of illicit drug usage
  12. No history of hepatitis (of any type), or any sexually transmitted diseases
  13. For female donors:  No menstrual period (at least one week after the last day of menstrual period and not expecting to have period within the week)
  14. No sexual contact with high-risk individuals
  15. No blood transfusion for the past twelve (12) months
Chairperson: Joey D. Borromeo, MD
Anatomic Pathology Section Head: Jose Maria C. Avila, MD
Clinical Pathology Section Head: Alejandro E. Arevalo, MD
Blood Bank Head: Joey D. Borromeo, MD