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5th Floor Tower 2
+632 88888 8999 locals 3500, 3501 and 3503

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Service Hours
Daily, 24 Hours 


The Maternal-Fetal OR-DR Pavilion (Dr. Constantino P. Manahan Pavilion) provides the highest standards of quality care for mothers and babies through the safest and most comfortable delivery experience possible. 

Its services include pre and post-natal care, delivery via normal or cesarean section, dilation and curettage, total abdominal hysterectomy, adnexal surgery, and diagnosis and treatments for urogynecologic diseases, including cancer.

The Fetal-Maternal Medicine Ultrasound Unit is especially dedicated to women’s obstetric and gynecologic needs. 

Facilities & Equipment:
  • Five (5) state-of-the-art operating room-delivery rooms
  • Three (3) birthing suites
  • Two (2) high-risk rooms
  • Four (4) labor rooms
  • A triage station where patients are initially examined before assigning them to the different rooms
  • Recovery rooms
  • A Mother-Baby observation area
  • Birthing beds to accommodate any birthing position of the mother on labor
  • Doppler and fetal monitoring equipment
  • Fetal-Maternal Medicine Ultrasound Unit
    • 3D/4D ultrasound
    • Biophysical profile
    • Color doppler studies
    • Congenital anomaly scan
    • Fetal biometry
    • First trimester screening
    • Gynecological ultrasound (pelvic, transvaginal, transrectal)
    • Intrauterine saline infusion
Chairperson: Ramon T. Reyles, M.D.