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September 29 2017

Section of Neurology holds “Breakthrough Neurology for the Frontline Medical Practitioner”

​The MakatiMed Section of Neurology held its Biannual Postgraduate Course entitled “Breakthrough Neurology for the Frontline Medical Practitioner”. The event was held on September 29 at the Casablanca Convention Center in Legazpi City, Albay.
More than 300 doctors, nurses, and allied healthcare professionals gathered to listen to MakatiMed’s panel of experts.
Attendees were welcomed by Ricardo D. Isip, Jr., MD, President of the Albay Medical Society, and D. Darwin A. Dasig, MD, Section of Neurology Head and President of the Dementia Society of the Philippines.
The Postgraduate Course featured two programs held simultaneously, one with sessions focused on physicians and the other program focused on nurses. (See list of topics and speakers)
The physician-focused program was hosted by Perry N. Noble, MD, Vice-Chair, Department of Neurosciences, who also closed the sessions. The nurse-focused program was hosted by Nerissa Reyes, MD with a closing message delivered by Dr. Dasig.
Vertigo And its Differential Diagnosis
Winnie Sharon L. Lim-Khoo, MD
Adult Neurologist
Chronic Neuropathic Pain Management
Henry U. Lu, MD
Past President, Pain Society of the Philippines
Seizure and Syncope
Katerina Tanya P. Gosiengfiao, MD
Co-Chair, Committee on Scientific Affairs, Philippine League Against Epilepsy
Red Flags for Headache
Mari Fay M. San Diego, MD
Adult Neurologist
Alzheimer’s Disease, Vascular Dementia and Management
D. Darwin A. Dasig, MD
President, Dementia Society of the Philippines
HIV Related Neurologic Complications
Julie Anne Q. Espino, MD
Adult Neurologist
Stroke: Updates and Management
Raquel T. Mallari-Alvarez          , MD
Board of Trustees, Stroke Society of the Philippines
The Neuroresponse Team and rTPA Use in Acute Ischemic Stroke Treatment
Cymbeline B. Perez-Santiago, MD
Overall Chair, Postgraduate Committee
Parkinsons Disease Spectrum and Treatment
Cid Czarina E. Diesta, MD
Vice President and Secretary, Movement Disorder Society of the Philippines
Sleep Apnea And Its Cardiovascular Implications
Rosalina P. Espiritu-Picar, MD
President, Philippine Society of Sleep Medicine
Board of Governors, Philippine Neurological Association
Closing Ceremonies
 Perry N. Noble, MD
Vice-Chair, Department of Neurosciences
Master of Ceremonies
Perry N. Noble, MD
Vice-Chair, Department of Neurosciences
Overview of Common Neurologic Illnesses Encountered in the Emergency Room and in the Neuro ICU: Recognition is Crucial
Anna Marie B. Sage-Nolido, MD
Vice-Chair, Postgraduate Committee
Neurologic Examination for Nurses
 Josefita A. Garcia, MD
Adult Neurologist
Red Flags: Nursing Care in the ER and Neuro ICU: Recognizing, Monitoring and Treating Common Neurological Emergencies with Emphasis on Seizures and Increased Intracranial Pressure
Eleanor A. Go, MD
Adult Neurologist
Acute Stroke Care and the Neuroresponse Team
Rogie Marie Ignacio-Alcantara, MD
Adult Neurologist
Nursing Care and Scales for Neurologic Patients in Step-down and Chronic Care Units
Cecille Mata, MD
Adult Neurologist
Pain Assessment and Primer on Pain Medication
Joel Janolino, MD
Adult Neurologist
Basic Neurologic Imaging
Joyce Ann Macasaet, MD
Adult Neurologist