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January 13 2016

MakatiMed contributes to APEC Summit as DOH-appointed referral hospital

Makati Medical Center successfully contributed to the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Summit after being selected by the Department of Health (DOH) as one of the referral hospitals for the international summit.
As a referral hospital, MakatiMed was chosen by the DOH to provide outpatient consultations, close-in medical teams for several heads of economies, and inpatient care for the summit delegates, should they need medical care, from November 16 to 20. 
A MakatiMed doctor and nurse were assigned to each of the five participating countries – Canada, Colombia, New Zealand, Singapore and the US – with two reserve medical teams and several specialists on standby.
The team members assigned to the APEC delegates attended a refresher course on Advance Cardiac Life Support on November 6 and November 12 as part of their preparation.
Eric S. Nubla, Jr., MD, Patient Relations Director, acted as Liaison Officer between MakatiMed and the DOH.
“Overall, there were no major problems encountered during our tour of duty,” said Medical Director Benjamin N. Alimurung, MD. “Once again, MakatiMed has responded to the call to serve and delivered consistently excellent results. We have been the hospital of choice of the leaders of our nation as well as of prominent individuals of international importance.”
“Thank you to all doctors and nurses who generously provided their time and service,” he added.
The APEC teams from the hospital were composed of the following:
Country Doctor Nurse
Canada Gregorio P. Ocampo, MD Eda Bernadette P. Bodegon, RN
Colombia Alipio S. Abad, Jr., MD Samuel D. Ricarte, RN
New Zealand Oswaldo T. Herrera, MD Carolyn M. Santos, RN
Singapore Noel L. Rosas, MD Alexander Gervacio M. Sangoyo, RN
United States of America Saturnino P. Javier, MD Daryl R. Gaba, RN
Reserve Team 1 Nazario A. Macalintal, Jr., MD Marideth B. Egoy, RN
Reserve Team 2 Alfred M. Apostol, MD Maureen P. Santiago, RN

Team of specialists on standby:
Cardiologists: Benjamin N. Alimurung, MD
  Enrique E. Campos, MD
Orthopedic Surgeons: Liberato Antonio C. Leagogo, Jr., MD
  Norberto A. Meriales, MD
General Surgeons: Arnel D. Diaz, MD
  John Vincent G. Pastores, MD
Gastroenterologists: Ernesto G. Olympia, MD
  Jay V. Dy, MD
Neurosurgeons: Leovigildo Q. Isabela Jr., MD
  Eusebio L. Debuque, MD
  Jay B. Villavicencio, MD
  Michael N. Sabalza, MD
Infectious Disease Janice Caoili, MD
  Salvador Abad-Santos, MD
Neurologists: Regina M. Canlas, MD
  Darwin Dasig, MD
Toxicologists: Joselito Pascual, MD
  Crisanta Lynn Panganiban, MD
Cardiac Surgical Team: Ramon I. Diaz, Jr., MD
  Esteban Jonathan T. Lacson, MD
  Nadine G. Abela, MD
  Abelardo Alan T. Prodigalidad, MD
  Jasmine B. Melissa Bernardo, MD
  Ronald dela Rosa, RN
  Rico Flores, RMT
Pulmonologists: Ruth Divinagracia, MD
  Nazario Macalintal Jr., MD
L-R: Samuel D. Ricarte, RN (Clinical Department Manager-High Risk), Alipio S. Abad, MD (Section Chief, Pulmonology), Carolyn M. Santos, RN (Clinical Department Manager- Newborn and Pediatric Services) and Oswaldo T. Herrera, MD (Cardiology). As a referral hospital, Makati Medical Center was chosen by the Department of Health to provide outpatient consultations or inpatient care for the summit delegates from November 16 to 20.