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August 31 2019

MakatiMed becomes exclusive PH partner of world-class liver center in India

The MakatiMed leadership with Dr. Sharat Varma, pediatric hepatologist from Max Hospital, India and FICCI officials to formalize the partnership.

In a bid to boost medical excellence in the field of liver transplantation in the country, Makati Medical Center recently inked an agreement with a pioneering liver center in New Delhi, India known to manage one of the busiest Living Donor Liver Transplant Program in the world.

Max Hospital’s ANG Centre for Liver & Biliary Sciences has already performed more than 2,700 liver transplants with success rates equivalent to the best centers in the world. It has become the top destination for Filipino children in need of a liver transplant because it offers the most affordable price. In the past two years alone, an estimated 30 Filipino children went to Max Hospital in New Delhi.

MakatiMed’s partnership with Max Hospital, made possible by the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce Philippines Inc. (FICCI), aims to develop a state-of-the-art liver transplant program in the Philippines. Dr. Sharat Varma, lead Pediatric Hepatologist at the India-based liver center, said the partnership aims to provide continuity of care for Filipino children going to India for a liver transplant and those returning home after the procedure.

The two institutions will collaborate on clinical education and training in liver transplantation which will involve MakatiMed physicians, nurses, and other medical staff. This includes skills training and enhancement, immersion and physician exchange programs. Under this partnership, MakatiMed and Max Hospital will share best practices in the field of liver transplantation through joint conferences, seminars, and courses among others.

Representing MakatiMed in the contract signing were President & CEO Ma. Corazon C. Consunji, MD and Medical Director Johnny B. Sinon, MD while Max Hospital’s ANG Center was represented by Dr. Varma. Also present in the event were the Indian Ambassador to the Philippines Jaideep Mazumdar, FICCI President Rex Daryayani, and other FICCI officials.

This partnership is a milestone and the first of its kind between a Philippine hospital and a hospital in India. “MakatiMed is committed to further advance our specialties in the medical field,” said Dr. Consunji. “This partnership with MAX Hospital shall assist in ensuring MakatiMed’s excellent care for liver transplant patients.”  MakatiMed, in partnership with Max Health and FICCI, will continue to find ways to enhance this collaboration and support this advocacy.

After the partnership has been formalized, about 30 pre- and post-liver transplant children and their families were registered in the MakatiMed’s Health Service Program (HSP). Pediatric gastroenterologists from the MakatiMed’s Liver Unit provided free consultations to the patients while Dr. Varma headlined a lay talk on liver transplantation.

(L-R) Mr. Ravi Samtani (FICCI); Mr. Rex Daryanani (FICCI); Johnny B. Sinon, MD (MakatiMed); Ma. Corazon C. Consunji, MD (MakatiMed); Ambassador Jaideep Mazumdar (Embassy of India); Sharat Varma, MD (Ang Center); and Mr. Jeevan Manjani (FICCI).