God Works In Strange Ways

“The motivation at the start was, perhaps, predominantly business,” Dr. Alimurung admitted. “But Divine Providence works His way in the midst of human decisions and human motivations. He writes straight even with crooked lines and works His will into the mazes of human struggles.”
The three doctors accepted the challenge, forming the initial core group of MakatiMed incorporators.
Dr. Carlos L. Sevilla, who later joined the group of founders and went on to become the Vice Chairman of the Board and Treasurer, and, later, Chairman of the hospital’s Ophthalmology Department, recalled the time when MakatiMed was just a dream in the minds of its founders.
“The dream took root years before its inauguration. Frustrated by the dearth of facilities and technology for modern medical procedures and advanced training in the country, a group of idealist physicians got together to pursue a common goal: the establishment of a hospital equipped with the best and the latest in medical facilities and technology, to be manned by the most competent and well-trained medical staff; a hospital that would approximate those found abroad so that Filipino medical graduates would not need to leave the country to pursue advanced training and specialization.”
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The Dream Comes True

“We met once or twice a week to brainstorm, to update one another on the progress of our project studies and negotiations for the purchase of the hospital lot, which we got from the Ayalas at the best possible price that time,” Dr. Sevilla said. “We scored an initial victory when Architect Luis Araneta agreed to design the building and join us in the venture.”
To raise funds for the construction, the founders sought doctors and non-doctors who shared their dream. They sent an emissary, Atty. Artemio Delfino, to the United States to scout for more investors.
On May 31, 1969, the Makati Medical Center formally opened its doors to the public. For its founders, it marked the fulfillment of a dream and the culmination of years of hard work and sacrifices. For the Philippines, it marked the coming of world-class medical care for Filipinos, rich and poor alike. 
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A Premier Hospital Rises

Makati Medical Center has earned the distinction of being one of the best-equipped hospitals in the country and in Asia. We have the most capable staff that extends the best quality medical care to our patients, regardless of race, creed, or economic status.
At MakatiMed, there is no distinction in the way we provide health services. We treat our charity cases in the same way we treat our wealthy patients: with respect, courtesy, and the best treatment possible. Before our tie-up with the Makati City government for the Makati Health Program (MHP), we had our own charity program in Makati and other cities, municipalities, and provinces.
Our training program has become a magnet for the country’s best and brightest medical graduates. Our school of nursing likewise assures patients of high-quality care from well-trained professionals.
Our decades of innovation and service to our patients, their families, and our community show our commitment to providing outstanding patient care, pioneering significant research initiatives, and training new generations of healthcare providers who can carry on our tradition of excellent health service with a heart.
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